Friday, December 27, 2013

It has been quite a while since I have used this site.  I have been busy with my family and started school last year that I haven't had time to do any updates.  I have been on a journey over the last three years.  Well, we are all on a lifetime journey right?  But the reason for beginning this blog in the first place was 1) I truly want to learn to love more deeply and when life is finished for me on earth I want people to remember me for my love for others. 2) I believe that in spreading love towards others we learn to love ourselves more.  Thus the reason for the acronym Loving Others Validates Self-Esteem. When we forget about our own desires and focus on the desires, needs and happiness of others it truly makes us feel better and we learn to love ourselves more. And 3) I want to inspire others to spread love and to learn to love themselves more.  Life is a journey and it's a lot more joyful and fun when we serve others unselfishly.  I believe that with love we can solve most any problem in the world.  I like to think of fairy tales...what breaks any spell?  True loves kiss or an act of true love.  If you think about problems you have, try working through it with love, true love, like the kind you find in fairy tales.  I truly believe that Love conquers all and am here to inspire and motivate you to help spread that love!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Beauty Within Foundation: Love is Not a Feeling

I have another site that I post on once in a while & while I was searching for a different post came across this & wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!

The Beauty Within Foundation: Love is Not a Feeling: "I get a newsletter every week from Dr. Gary Chapman who has authored many books on marriage and relationships including The Five Love Langua..."